Our Staff

RS Worldwide staffs are greatest asset to our business. Our employees’ commitment and dedication is the main element of our good reputation nationwide. All of our management and staff are qualified and well experienced to undertake their responsibilities professionally.

You can choose between our “Full Outsourcing Management Solutions” or “Temporary Staffing Solutions” to cover the shortage of staff. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of hospitality staffing solutions with the best quality and standards.

Full Outsourcing Management Solutions

RS Worldwide is a specialist in providing Full Management outsourcing solutions to its clients in the hospitality industry. We will design and place a management structure to match your specific business requirements. We train our staff to ensure highest level of standard and service as per your brand standard.

Temporarily Staffing Solutions

RS Worldwide can provide temporary staffing for all departments of your hotel on short term or long term basis. Our expertise in the industry allows us to find the right professionals for the right job as per your business needs.

Our Temporary Staffing Solution is flexible and very effective for hospitality industry.

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