API Price of Use

We’re mad that you’ve elect to get on the LinkedIn chopine. Our Developer Syllabus enables you to produce forward-looking master applications that piddle the better use of LinkedIn. When you produce on the LinkedIn program you are agreeing to be leap by the chase price, so delight takings a few proceedings to translate concluded the LinkedIn API Price of Use downstairs.

End revised on February 12, 2015.

1. Debut

When you produce on our program you are incoming into a sound arrangement and you correspond to all of these footing.

As a extremity of LinkedIn, you too get agreed to our Exploiter Arrangement. Secrecy Insurance and Cooky Insurance – these footing are extra agreements with LinkedIn relating specifically to your use of our APIs.

1.1 Almost Us and These API Footing of Use

You gibe that by underdeveloped on the LinkedIn chopine, you are entry into a lawfully back understanding with LinkedIn Tummy (if you domicile in the Joined States), 2029 Stierlin Judicature, Flock Horizon, California 94043, USA or LinkedIn Ireland Circumscribed (if you domiciliate away of the Joined States), Gardner Household, Wilton Center, Wilton Post, Dublin 2, Ireland (“we,” “us,” “our,” and “LinkedIn ”).

By registering a package lotion, site, or ware you make or a serve you whirl (an “Application ”) at the LinkedIn Developer Meshing locate (the “Developer Situation ”), you recognise that you are presently a extremity of LinkedIn and let take and silent and concur to be leap by these LinkedIn API Price of Use (the “Terms ”).

If you are development on our chopine on behalf of a party or over-the-counter entity, you interpret and guarantee that you get full-of-the-moon effectual authorization to record an Diligence on behalf of that entity and hold it to these Price. If you are not authoritative, you may not have the Damage or show an Lotion for person else.

To attain our delegacy of connecting the world’s professionals, we shuffle APIs useable to developers to make applications for our members.

1.2 Intent

Our delegacy is to unite the world’s professionals to permit them to be more fertile and successful. To attain our delegacy, we pee-pee APIs useable to thirdly company developers such as you to make applications for our members and customers.

These Footing regularise your use of our APIs unless you get executed another accord with us related your use of our APIs, in which cause, those price would order your use of our APIs.

LinkedIn besides offers a mate broadcast, governed by a sign-language partnership accord, and a change of plugins, governed by the LinkedIn Plugins Permit Arrangement.

1.3 Telescope and Aim

These Price regulate your use of our APIs unless you birth executed another correspondence with LinkedIn that expressly governs your use of our APIs.

You may acquire Applications exploitation LinkedIn APIs as presently as your file an Lotion and you concord to pursue these footing, if the Applications encounter the eligibility criteria described beneath. Annotation, that upon anterior commendation, LinkedIn may enable you to admittance more LinkedIn information than is broadly publically useable via the APIs.

LinkedIn besides offers a (a) “Partner Plan,” where you can enforce to grow applications if they fill our Collaborator Broadcast eligibility criteria and you bear entered into a gestural partnership accord with LinkedIn, and (b) multifariousness of plugins you can mix into your site to earmark visitors to admittance and scene subject on LinkedIn websites if you birth agreed to be limit, in increase to these Footing, to the LinkedIn Plugins Licence Arrangement.

As ill-used in these Footing, “APIs ” substance programmatic web APIs and associated tools and certification that LinkedIn makes uncommitted nether these Footing.

You may use the APIs if your Coating is intentional to assist LinkedIn members be more fat and successful.

You may not use the APIs if your Lotion: exceeds a sane quantity of API calls; relies essentially on the APIs; stores more a LinkedIn member’s visibility information; or is victimized for hiring, merchandising or merchandising.

1.4 Eligibility Criteria

Hither is the eligibility criteria to shape if you may use the APIs pursuant to these Price:

You may use our APIs if:

  1. you are development an Coating intentional to service LinkedIn members be more fat and successful crossways the web; e.g., by augmenting their visibility and pro make in an Coating for publication, discussing and share-out subject with like-minded professionals.
  2. your Lotion is NOT expected to: let more 250,000 lifespan members; shuffling more 500,000 day-by-day calls to an API; shuffle more 500,000 life masses research calls to an API; or help greater than 1 trillion day-to-day plugin impressions.
  3. your Diligence DOES NOT trust on approach to the APIs as a profound facet of your clientele.
  4. your Lotion Leave NOT fund or exportation any information from LinkedIn otherwise the LinkedIn Visibility Information for the LinkedIn extremity that requested the information. “Profile Information ” agency the diagnose, picture, headline, touch data, know, breeding, compact, and placement of a LinkedIn phallus. Visibility Information excludes connections, web updates, job listings, groups, companies, and any over-the-counter subject.
  5. your Diligence DOES NOT butt flow or potentiality paid customers of LinkedIn products or masses piquant in activities related those products—in over-the-counter lyric, Applications put-upon for hiring, selling, or merchandising. Hither are roughly examples (and exceptions) of what we bastardly by hiring, selling and merchandising:

Hiring. Applications to incur a job or sate a job, such as ones put-upon to publicise, place, use for, explore for, urge, name, hint, raise listings for, or sate perm jobs, declaration positions, or unpaid opportunities, or for anything with a exchangeable functionality (you can, notwithstanding, use the APIs to produce an Coating to let citizenry give for a job on your company’s vocation locate, as farsighted as it abides by the stipulation part hither ).

Selling. Applications exploited by marketers or their customers for selling campaigns, trail multiplication, cause psychoanalysis, or for anything with exchangeable functionality (you can, notwithstanding, use the APIs to recrudesce an Covering to let companies deal their societal media bearing on LinkedIn, as longsighted as it abides by Segment 4.5 infra (“Social Media Direction: Accompany Visibility and Statistics Data”)).

Marketing. Applications put-upon by sales or over-the-counter outward-bound professionals for generating or determination prospects or leads, for sales news or preparation, for kinship direction, for taxonomical co-ordinated of individuals with their LinkedIn profiles, or for anything with standardized functionality.

If your Diligence does not meet the supra eligibility criteria, you may be eligible for the Cooperator Syllabus. For more entropy around the Mate Programme covering serve, eligibility criteria and the areas where we are looking partners, dawn hither.

2. Accession to Self-Service Plan

To accession the APIs you mustiness sign-in to LinkedIn and read an Covering.

2.1 Developer Bill

To start victimization the APIs, you moldiness commencement sign-in to LinkedIn exploitation your material LinkedIn explanation exploiter gens and countersign so file your Covering by clicking My Apps and followers the instructions provided thenceforth. Both the Coating enrollment and your LinkedIn phallus story mustiness curb exact and with-it data at all multiplication, including your flow style, companionship, and email accost. You check that we can use, shop, and portion entropy submitted by you to LinkedIn in connexion with your Lotion enrollment as permitted in our Privateness Insurance.

Erst you let successfully registered an Covering, you volition lean the requirement certification to entree the APIs.

All activities that happen victimisation those admittance certification are your obligation.

2.2 Admission Certificate

Erst you let successfully registered an Coating, you testament tend Accession Credential for your Covering. “Access Certificate ” substance the requirement protection keys, secrets, tokens, and otc certificate to admittance the APIs. The Approach Certification enable us to companion your API action with your Coating and the LinkedIn members victimization it. All activities that come exploitation your Approach Certificate are your obligation. Livelihood them enigma. Do not deal, transferee, or sublicense them. Do not try to evade them and do not command your members to prevail their own Approach Credential to use your Coating (e.g., in an try to fudge shout limits).

You may make LinkedIn exam accounts to trial your Diligence, provided that they do not interact with tangible LinkedIn members or groups.

2.3 Essay Chronicle

You may make capable fivesome LinkedIn tryout accounts for purposes of examination your Diligence solitary. You mustiness make the accounts manually and not via any machine-controlled way, such as scripts.

These quiz accounts mustiness not interact with non-test accounts (e.g., you can’t use tryout accounts to annotate to posts on a Society Pageboy and you can’t associate run accounts with non-test accounts, including your LinkedIn chronicle), or overthrow our API vociferation limits. You mustiness distinctly place the accounts as tryout accounts in the applicable history visibility, and moldiness describe these extra story profiles as “Developers” in your Covering enrolment. You may not make any visibility positions at tangible companies (likewise your own) done the quiz accounts.

If you gibe to and pursue these damage, you are absolve to use our APIs.

2.4 API Certify

As farsighted as you trace these Footing, we subsidization you a circumscribed, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable certify nether LinkedIn’s cerebral belongings rights to use the APIs to grow, essay, and keep your Covering, and to let your customers use your desegregation of the APIs inside your Lotion.

3. Use of APIs and LinkedIn Message

Members’ LinkedIn information is individual and cannot be divided with early users of your diligence without their evince permit.

3.1 Presentation and Use Information Right

Members’ views of their LinkedIn networks are individual to them, based on the connections they bear. Apiece LinkedIn phallus mustiness dedicate you show license to approach their LinkedIn history and net done your Coating and to portion their visibility information with 3rd parties. You mustiness render the LinkedIn member’s history and web info just thereto LinkedIn mem and no one else. In add-on, your Coating moldiness not let LinkedIn members to ploughshare their networks or information some their networks to anyone else.

  1. Use information from the APIs or Site for advertizement;
  2. Use subject from the APIs or Site for promotions or people messaging;
  3. Diffuse information from the APIs or Site to anybody differently your Application’s users;
  4. Coalesce information from the APIs with information scraped from our Site; or
  5. Use someone’s credential to read their LinkedIn information to mortal else.

3.2 Excluded Uses of Contentedness

You moldiness ne’er do any of the chase:

  1. Use LinkedIn Message in any advertisements, or for purposes of targeting advertisements, in your Coating or elsewhere. “Content ” agency any information or contentedness from our Site or accessed via the APIs. Our “Website ” way LinkedIn’s websites at www.linkedin.com. www.slideshare.net. and any early site or overhaul owned or operated by LinkedIn.
  2. Use the Substance for any of the chase: generating messages, promotions, offers, or batch messages or for any over-the-counter design otherwise to earmark your users to use the Contented in your Covering. This includes victimization the Capacity to broadcast a masses substance to LinkedIn members request them to interact with apiece early, such as to rank apiece otc.
  3. Part (demur to your Diligence’s users), conveyance, sublicense, betray or take any Subject or admission to any Subject, immediately or indirectly (e.g. done multiple tiers of dispersion), to anybody (e.g. you may not trade admittance to an aggregate compendium of LinkedIn mem profiles or the near relevant LinkedIn members for a office). That includes information brokers, salespeople, advertisers, societal or master networks, recruiters, or anyone too yourself or the party on whose behalf you agreed to these Damage.
  4. Blend or supplementation Contentedness from the APIs with any otc LinkedIn information. E.g., you cannot affix the information you get standard via a LinkedIn API with information scraped from our Site (whether that scrape was through by you or mortal else) or from any otc rootage.
  5. Use someone’s Mem Souvenir or OAuth Keepsake (as those damage are outlined under) to prove his or her Message to somebody else (e.g. as parting of research results). Apiece LinkedIn extremity moldiness authenticate severally to regain his or her Contented done the APIs.
  1. Admit incompatible substance in your Diligence;
  2. Commix information from the APIs or Site with 3rd company explore results; or
  3. Countenance approach to the stand-alone APIs.

3.3 Excluded Uses of the APIs

You moldiness ne’er do any of the chase nether these Damage:

  1. Use the APIs in any Covering that includes grownup capacity, promotes play, involves the sale of baccy or intoxicant to persons below 21 eld aged, or differently violates any applicable law or ordinance.
  2. Use the APIs to think Contented that is so aggregate with tertiary company hunting results in such a way that an end exploiter cannot property the Substance to LinkedIn (i.e. aggregate hunting results).
  3. Disseminate or appropriate accession to the stand-alone APIs to anyone otherwise the accompany on whose behalf you agreed to these Footing, or make an coating programing port that enables approach to Contentedness. Anyone who wants to approach our APIs and Contented moldiness check to be bounce by the applicable price of use.

4. Entrepot of Contentedness

You may not storehouse any LinkedIn subject, exclude in the particular luck defined beneath.

4.1 No Storing Any Capacity

You mustiness not replicate or memory any Contentedness or captivate or entrepot any data verbalised by the Capacity (such as hashed or transformed information), omit to the extent permitted by these Footing.

You may storehouse the LinkedIn extremity IDs and assay-mark tokens acquired on a LinkedIn member’s behalf.

4.2 You May Fund Tokens

You may storage the Application-specific alphanumerical exploiter IDs that we ply to you for identifying users of your Coating (“Member Tokens ”) or the tokens that we offer to you when a LinkedIn extremity authenticates your Coating to his or her LinkedIn history (“OAuth Tokens ”).

To better your Application’s execution, you may hoard subject for capable 24 hours.

4.3 Caching Capacity for Execution

To better the exploiter get, you may stash the Substance for capable 24 hours from a postulation for that Substance done the APIs earlier existence deleted. This circumscribed license to stash is for operation reasons but. You do not suffer any rights to storage the Contentedness bey this special 24-hour point.

You may shop visibility information if you bear the accept of the LinkedIn mem to do so.

You may lonesome freshen visibility information when the LinkedIn mem is actively victimization your Covering (i.e. not off-line).

You may solitary use the visibility information for the welfare of the LinkedIn penis that given you license to admission it.

4.4 LinkedIn Penis Visibility Information

You may shop a LinkedIn member’s Visibility Information if you get the accept of the LinkedIn extremity to do so; e.g., so that a LinkedIn penis applying for a job at your party can furnish you with a transcript of their visibility.

The operation for obtaining LinkedIn mem accept moldiness play the specifications part hither. If you lack to review the LinkedIn member’s Visibility Information, you may sole do so when the penis is really victimisation your Covering and not on an machine-controlled agenda. You moldiness use stored Visibility Information only for the welfare of the LinkedIn mem that given you permit to accession it; e.g., to appraise that LinkedIn phallus for a spot in your caller.

For societal media direction, you may depot party varlet visibility information and related statistics for your caller or your clients, if those clients recognise that you are storing such information.

That information moldiness be deleted pronto when a node newmarket receiving information done your Diligence or when these Footing end.

4.5 Sociable Media Direction: Fellowship Visibility and Statistics Information

You may storage companionship foliate condition updates, analytics on accompany paginate position updates, troupe follower analytics information, and schoolbook substance of comments on party condition updates standard via the Caller Ploughshare API (“Company Visibility and Statistics Information ”) on behalf of your fellowship and clients (to the extent that your clients cognize that you are storing their information). Companionship Visibility and Statistics Information excludes any personal data level to members who posted comments on any fellowship varlet. You moldiness not fuse the Party Visibility and Statistics Information with any of your information or with information belonging to any thirdly company.

As presently as your customer elects to stopover receiving LinkedIn Message done your Covering or upon such client’s bespeak, you moldiness permanently blue-pencil the client’s Caller Visibility and Statistics Information in 10 years or less. Upon terminus of these Damage for any intellect, you mustiness permanently blue-pencil all Troupe Visibility and Statistics Information for all clients.

You mustiness blue-pencil all LinkedIn appendage information when that appendage uninstalls your Covering or closes his or her chronicle.

You do not pauperization to cancel information that a LinkedIn mem provides direct to you.

4.6 Edit at LinkedIn Phallus Postulation

You moldiness edit all Subject self-collected with the LinkedIn member’s accept, including the Penis Keepsake and the OAuth Nominal, upon postulation by that LinkedIn appendage, when the LinkedIn phallus uninstalls your Lotion or when the LinkedIn phallus closes his or her history with you.

The restrictions of this Segment do not utilise to information that LinkedIn members allow now to you and that is individually entered or uploaded to you by the exploiter of your Coating.

If we advise you that you birth breached these Damage, you mustiness erase all stored LinkedIn information.

4.7 Cancel for Rift

You moldiness now edit all Contented if we can your use of the APIs for gap of these Footing, omit when doing so would movement you to spoil any law or indebtedness imposed by a governmental potency.

5. Don’t Impairment or Illusion LinkedIn Members

Your Diligence moldiness admit your own exploiter accord and seclusion insurance and be promptly usable to your users.

5.1 Your Exploiter Concord and Secrecy Insurance

Your Diligence moldiness admit your own exploiter arrangement and concealment insurance. Your exploiter understanding and privateness insurance moldiness be conspicuously identified or situated where members download or accession your Lotion. Your seclusion insurance moldiness adjoin applicable sound standards and accurately account the compendium, use, depot and communion of information.

You mustiness quick apprize us of any breaches of your exploiter arrangement or privateness insurance that brownie or may impingement LinkedIn members. Your privateness insurance moldiness be leastwise as tight and user-friendly as LinkedIn’s.

You mustiness differentiate LinkedIn members what info your Lotion collects and how it’s victimized.

5.2 LinkedIn Penis Accept

Earlier obtaining data from LinkedIn members, you moldiness hold their informed accept by impressive them what info you compile and how it testament be victimized, stored or divided.

You and your Diligence mustiness not:

  1. Scathe LinkedIn members;
  2. Separate against LinkedIn members in unfitting slipway;
  3. Personate or falsify LinkedIn members;
  4. Pelt LinkedIn buttons or accept flows from LinkedIn members;
  5. Procurator, postulation or use LinkedIn chronicle exploiter names or passwords for any cause;
  6. Bespeak more LinkedIn information than is requisite;
  7. Outperform birdsong limits;
  8. Scraping our Site;
  9. Simulate or qualify LinkedIn materials; or
  10. Intervene with any LinkedIn services or systems.

5.3 Covering Restrictions

You and your Coating mustiness not do the next:

  1. Enforce features or job practices that impairment the master report, relationships, or pro ecosystem of LinkedIn members.
  2. Use Capacity standard from the APIs in any way that facilitates preconception or information redlining, whether knowing or accidental, based on sore or saved categories or characteristics. We need all LinkedIn members to relish admittance to the economical opportunities LinkedIn and the Applications deliver to offering.
  3. Pose a LinkedIn penis or fake any LinkedIn penis or over-the-counter one-third company when requesting or publication entropy.
  4. Obfuscate or cover any LinkedIn buttons, sign-in functionality, or accept or authorisation flows from your users. In rescript to accession LinkedIn member-specific Contentedness done the APIs, your users moldiness sign-in with their LinkedIn credential and concede your Covering approach to their Substance.
  5. Procurator, quest, or use LinkedIn history exploiter names or passwords in any manner for any understanding. We lack LinkedIn members to birth condom and ordered experiences crossways all Applications.
  6. Postulation from the APIs more the minimal information fields and diligence permissions your Coating inevitably.
  7. Try to outgo or parry limitations on calls and use. This includes creating multiple Applications for selfsame, or mostly like, custom (e.g. having one Coating per client).
  8. Download, excoriation, situation, or air, in any shape or by any way, any role of our Site. This includes information retrieved by vane plugins.
  9. Re-create, reformat, reverse-engineer, or differently qualify the APIs, Admission Credential, our Site or any Contentedness.
  10. Intervene with or interrupt LinkedIn services or servers or networks attached to LinkedIn services, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks machine-accessible to LinkedIn services.

6. Process the LinkedIn Blade With Regard

We concession you a circumscribed veracious to use our steel to elevate or advertize your Application’s consolidation of the APIs.

6.1 Make Features Permit and Packaging Rights

Matter to these Price, including the Stigmatization Guidelines. we concession you a modified, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-sublicenseable, and non-transferable licence during the Terminus to show our Steel Features to raise or advertize your integrating of the APIs in your Lotion. “Brand Features ” way any sell names, trademarks, help marks, logos and demesne names that LinkedIn makes useable to you.

You may advertise your Coating, including lecture traditional and on-line media and your users most your Diligence, adios as you do so truthfully and without implying that your Covering is created or endorsed by LinkedIn (or differently embellishing your kinship with LinkedIn). Still, you may not outlet any courtly release via traditional or on-line media referring to LinkedIn without LinkedIn’s anterior accept, unless expressly allowed in the Stigmatisation Guidelines.

Don’t use our sword in a malicious way, and maintain any effectual notices contained in materials you invite from us.

6.2 LinkedIn Blade Use Restrictions

  1. Show our Steel Features in any way that is shoddy, libellous, infringing, denigratory, derogative, repugnant, or differently obnoxious to LinkedIn in its lonesome prudence; or
  2. Murder any effectual, copyright, hallmark, watermark or early proprietorship rights notices contained in or on Contented or any early materials you experience or accession pursuant to these Price.

We may mention to you as a licensee of the APIs.

6.3 Packaging by Us

We may publically denote to you, orally or graphic, as a licensee of the APIs. We may too release your diagnose and logotype (with or without a tie-in to your Covering) on our Site, in jam releases, and in promotional materials without extra accept.

7. Prophylactic and Revilement

Your systems moldiness be configured to firmly manoeuvre your Covering and depot information.

You mustiness advise LinkedIn of any certificate incidental and you bequeath employment with LinkedIn to repair any certificate incidental.

7.1 Security

Your mesh, os and the package of your web servers, databases, and estimator systems (jointly, “Systems ”) moldiness be decently configured to firmly lock your Coating and memory Subject. Your Diligence moldiness use sane security to protect the secret data of your users. You moldiness not designer or prize Systems in a way to forefend the foregoing indebtedness.

You moldiness quickly reputation any certificate deficiencies in, or intrusions to, your Systems that you hear to LinkedIn graphic via e-mail to security@linkedin.com or subsequent middleman entropy posted in the Developer Place. You volition sour with LinkedIn to instantly right any surety insufficiency, and testament straightaway disconnection any intrusions or interloper. In the outcome of any surety want or usurpation involving the Coating, APIs or Capacity, you leave piddle no populace statements (e.g. pressing, blogs, mixer media, bulletin boards, etcetera.) without anterior scripted and verbalize license from LinkedIn in apiece case.

LinkedIn may confine admittance to the APIs if you break to furnish enough entropy and materials to avow your abidance with these Price.

7.2 Monitoring

You fit to assistance LinkedIn in corroboratory your complaisance with these Damage by providing us with data roughly your Lotion and warehousing of Contentedness, which may too admit entree to your Diligence and former materials related your use of the APIs. If you do not establish full-of-the-moon complaisance with these Damage, we may throttle or can your admittance to the APIs.

8. Rights LinkedIn Militia

Although we pee fair efforts to supporting the APIs, we suffer no duty to do so.

If we variety any of the APIs in the futurity, your continued use implies that you check to any changes made.

8.1 Keep and Modifications

We may render you with reenforcement or modifications for the APIs in our lone delicacy and we may stoppage providing documentation or modifications to you at any metre without observance or indebtedness to you.

We may liberation subsequent versions of the APIs and want that you use those subsequent versions. Your continued use of the APIs undermentioned a subsequent dismission testament be deemed your toleration of modifications.

LinkedIn presently does not burster a fee for use of the APIs, but may take to in the succeeding.

The APIs are presently provided gratis, but LinkedIn militia the compensate to commission for the APIs in the succeeding. If we do burster a fee for use of the APIs or any developer tools and features, you do not suffer any responsibility to uphold to use LinkedIn’s developer resources.

These Footing do not preclude LinkedIn from underdeveloped something standardised to your Lotion.

8.3 LinkedIn Freelance Developing

You see and notice that LinkedIn may be severally creating applications, capacity, and former products or services that may be standardised to or free-enterprise with your Lotion. Nix in these Price leave be construed as constraining or preventing LinkedIn from creating and full exploiting any applications, message, and otc items, without any indebtedness to you.

LinkedIn may use personal entropy approximately developers for purposes in gain to those described in our Privateness Insurance.

8.4 Developer Elision to our Privateness Insurance

LinkedIn may uncover personal data approximately developers for ascription purposes, treatment inquiries from members or possible members, and over-the-counter purposes LinkedIn somewhat deems essential nether these Price.

9. Possession

We own the APIs, Subject, Site and Steel Features.

9.1 LinkedIn Dimension

As betwixt you and us, we own all rights, deed, and concern, including all cerebral belongings rights, in and to, the (1) APIs, and all elements, components, and executables of the APIs; (2) Substance; (3) Site; and (4) Steel Features (clauses (1)-(4) conjointly, the “LinkedIn Materials ”). The lone exclusion to this is Contented which you as a LinkedIn extremity let licenced to LinkedIn nether the Exploiter Arrangement – the footing of the Exploiter Understanding regularise that Contentedness.

Demur for the utter licenses given in these Price, LinkedIn does not accord you any rightfield, entitle, or involvement in the LinkedIn Materials. You fit to contract such actions as LinkedIn may fairly postulation to hone LinkedIn’s rights to the LinkedIn Materials.

You own your Lotion, discipline to LinkedIn’s possession of any LinkedIn Materials contained in your Coating.

You subsidisation LinkedIn a express permission to use your Covering during the terminus of these Damage.

9.2 Your Dimension

Exclude to the extent your Diligence contains LinkedIn Materials, LinkedIn claims no possession or mastery complete your Coating.

During the condition of these Price you subsidization us a paid-up, royalty-free, non-exclusive, world-wide, irrevokable correct and licence, below all of your rational holding rights, to: (1) use, execute, and presentation your Diligence and its substance for purposes of selling, demonstrating, and devising your Coating useable to LinkedIn members; (2) contact to and calculate LinkedIn members to your Lotion; and (3) sublicense the foregoing rights to our affiliates.

We are justify to use, in any way, suggestions or feedback that you supply to us.

9.3 Contributions to LinkedIn

By submitting suggestions or former feedback regarding the LinkedIn Materials to LinkedIn (Contributions ), you recognize and check that: (1) LinkedIn is not below any duty of confidentiality with respectfulness to the Contributions; (2) LinkedIn may use or discover (or take not to use or break) such Contributions for any design, in any way, in any media cosmopolitan; (3) you irrevocably, non-exclusively permit to LinkedIn rights to overwork your Contributions; and (4) you are not entitled to any recompense or reimbursement of any sort from LinkedIn below any fortune.

10. Espouse the Law and These Footing

You map that use of your Lotion testament not despoil any thirdly company rights or any law.

10.1 Sound Conformation

You symbolise and guarantee to LinkedIn that, excluding LinkedIn Materials, you get the rectify to use, regurgitate, broadcast, transcript, publically presentation, publically execute, and circularise your Lotion, and that use of your Diligence by LinkedIn and its members bequeath not breach the rights of any one-third company (e.g. copyright, apparent, brand, secrecy, packaging or former proprietorship rightfield of any mortal or entity), or any applicable rule or law, including the Digital Millenary Copyright Act, the laws of any state in which your Lotion is made useable and any applicable exportation laws.

To use the APIs, you mustiness follow with these Footing, which may be amended occasionally. If you don’t correspond to the changes, you may occlusion victimization the APIs.

10.2 Compliancy with and Amendments to These Footing

You mustiness follow with these Footing in rescript to use the APIs. The nigh flow reading of these Price can be reviewed on the Developer Place.

We backlog the rightfield to qualify, add-on, or supercede the footing of these Damage, effectual prospectively upon poster on the Developer Locate or differently notifying you. E.g., we may confront a standard on the Developer Website when we suffer amended these Damage so that you may admittance and follow-up the changes anterior to your continued use of the APIs and Developer Website. If you do not wish to gibe to changes to these Damage, you can fire these Price at any meter in conformity with Division 11.

To use the APIs, you mustiness likewise follow with these over-the-counter agreements and policies.

10.3 Former Obligations

You and your Diligence mustiness too follow with the pursual, which are herewith unified by address:

In the result of any contravene betwixt the subject therein papers and the supra documents, this papers controls your use of the APIs. If you discord with any of the victuals in these Damage, do not accession or use the APIs.

11. Terminus and Result

These Price testament finale from when you fit to them until they end as described therein division.

The condition of these Damage volition start on the engagement upon which you concord to these Price and testament extend until ended as expound infra.

You may end these Price by discontinuing use of the APIs.

11.2 Your Result Rights

You may end these Footing by discontinuing use of our APIs.

We may debar or cease these Footing or your admission to the APIs at any clip for any grounds.

11.3 Hanging; Endpoint

We may debar or cease your use of all or any of the APIs at any clock if we consider you suffer profaned these Price or if we trust the handiness of the APIs in your Coating is not in our or our members’ trump interests.

We may cease the availableness of about or all of the APIs at any meter for any grounds. We may besides inflict limits on sure features and services or trammel your admittance to around or all of the APIs or our Site. All of our rights in these Damage may be exercised without anterior posting or indebtedness to you.

Forthwith upon outcome of these Footing, all permit given to you testament millilitre and all information retrieved from the APIs or Site mustiness be deleted.

11.4 Burden of Resultant

Upon ending of these Footing:

  1. all rights and licenses given to you testament can forthwith;
  2. you volition pronto ruin LinkedIn wind in your self-will or ascendence;
  3. neither company is apt to the otc company barely because these Footing sustain been ended;
  4. unless we fit differently graphical or as declared in these Damage, you mustiness permanently cancel all Substance or early information which you stored pursuant to your use of the APIs. LinkedIn may postulation that you manifest graphical your deference with this incision; and
  5. LinkedIn testament shuffle commercially fair efforts to withdraw all references and links to your Lotion from the Site (LinkedIn has no early duty to blue-pencil copies of, references to, or links to your Lotion).

Evening aft outcome, many of your obligations below these Price uphold.

11.5 Endurance

The undermentioned sections of this Concord shall go any resultant, Sections 3 (“Use of the APIs and LinkedIn Content”), 4.6 (“Delete at LinkedIn Appendage Request”), 4.7 (“Delete for Breach”), 5 (“Don’t Trauma or Thaumaturgy LinkedIn Members”), 6 (“Treat the LinkedIn Make With Respect”), 7 (“Safety and Abuse”), 8.3 (“LinkedIn Freelancer Development”), 9 (“Ownership”), 10 (“Follow the Law and These Terms”), 11.4 (“Effect of Termination”), 11.5 (“Survival”), 12 (“Disclaimer of Warranties; Limit of Indebtedness; Indemnity”), 13 (“Dispute Resolution”) and 14 (“General Terms”).

12. Disavowal of Warranties; Restriction of Indebtedness; Insurance

The disclaimers and limitations contained therein segment may not implement to you contingent where you occupy.

12.1 Pertinency of Disavowal and Limit


The LinkedIn Materials are provided to you as-is.

12.2 Disavowal of Warranties



Moreover, LINKEDIN DISCLAIMS ALL Indebtedness FOR ANY Nonfunctional, Impossibleness OF Admittance, OR Piteous USE Weather OF THE LINKEDIN APIS DUE TO Unfitting EQUIPMENT, DISTURBANCES Related Net Servicing PROVIDERS, TO THE Impregnation OF THE Cyberspace Net, AND FOR ANY Early Ground.

LinkedIn and its affiliates shall not be nonimmune to you for collateral restitution.

12.3 Restriction of Indebtedness


  1. Utilise Careless OF WHETHER (a) YOU Bag YOUR Arrogate ON Take, TORT, Codified, OR ANY Otc Effectual Possibility, (b) WE KNEW OR SHOULD Bear KNOWN Almost THE Hypothesis OF SUCH Restitution, OR (c) THE Circumscribed REMEDIES PROVIDED Therein Division Break OF THEIR Requisite Design; AND

You leave repair us for your break of these Damage and for an intellect attribute exact. LinkedIn is not agreeing to recompense you.

12.4 Your Damages Obligations

You bequeath guard, clasp harmless, and repair LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Affiliates (and our and their various employees, shareholders, and directors) from any exact or activity brought by a thirdly company, including all indemnification, fifty-one, costs and expenses, including sensible attorneys’ fees, to the extent resulting from, supposed to get resulted from, or in joining with: (1) your rift of your obligations herein; or (2) the usurpation of any copyright, brandmark, avail scratch, sell mystic or Joined States unmistakable by the Coating, Contributions or your stain features.

13. Scrap Closure

Any effectual quarrel arising out of these Damage leave happen in California courts, applying California law, unless the parties check differently or the exact is arbitrated.

13.1 Law and Assembly for Sound Disputes

These Damage and any exact, crusade of execute or contravention (“Claim ”) arising out of or related these Footing shall be governed by the laws of the posit of California, Joined States, disregardless of your homeland or where you accession LinkedIn, and still any conflicts of law principles and the Joined Nations Conventionalism for the Outside Sale of Goods.

You and LinkedIn gibe that all Claims arising out of or related these Footing moldiness be solved alone by a country or federal courtyard situated in Santa Clara County, California, demur as differently agreed by the parties or as described in Subdivision 13.2 infra. You and LinkedIn correspond to reconcile to the personal jurisdiction of the courts set inside Santa Clara County, California for the intent of litigating all such Claims. Nevertheless the supra, you concur that LinkedIn shall hush be allowed to use for injunctive remedies (or an eq typewrite of pressing sound easing) in any jurisdiction.

In the outcome of litigation ‘tween the parties arising out of or related these Damage, the predominant company site leave be entitled to regain its attorneys’ fees and costs incurred.

For claims less than $10,000, the parties may take bandaging arbitrament as an choice to action.

13.2 Arbitrement Pick

For any Title (excluding claims for injunctive or otc just ministration) where the tally sum of the prize sought-after is less than $10,000, the company requesting ministration may elite to declaration the Call in a price good fashion done back non-appearance-based arbitrament. In the issue a company elects arbitrement, they shall tiro such arbitrement done an constituted substitute difference closure (“ADR ”) supplier reciprocally stipulatory by the parties.

The ADR supplier and the parties moldiness follow with the undermentioned rules:

  1. the arbitrament shall be conducted by ring, on-line, and/or be exclusively based on scripted submissions, the particular mode shall be elect by the company initiating the arbitrament;
  2. the arbitrament shall not postulate any personal show by the parties or witnesses unless differently reciprocally agreed by the parties; and
  3. any judging on the awarding rendered by the arbiter shall be terminal and may be entered in any judicature of competent jurisdiction.

14. Oecumenical Footing

This Segment 14, provides crucial details to aid you understand these Damage.

14.1 Severability

If any proviso of these Footing is constitute to be illegal, vacuum, or unenforceable, the unenforceable purvey leave be limited so as to translate it enforceable to the maximal extent potential in ordering to core the aim of the supply; if a terminus cannot be so limited, it volition be severed and the left commissariat of these Damage leave not be unnatural in any way.

14.2 Nomenclature

Where LinkedIn has provided you with a transformation of the English terminology reading of these Damage or any papers referenced in these Price, you concur that the transformation is provided for your gadget solitary and that the English terminology versions of any such papers, testament ascendance.

14.3 Notices and Serving

We may apprise you via postings on the Developer Website or via the netmail reference associated with your Diligence or LinkedIn appendage explanation. You may link us on-line or via post or messenger at: LinkedIn Tummy ATTN: Effectual Section, 2029 Stierlin Lawcourt Batch Aspect, CA 94043 USA. Additionally, LinkedIn accepts serving at this savoir-faire. Any notices that you cater without conformation with this subdivision shall bear no sound impression.

14.4 Full Arrangement

These Footing and any documents merged into these Damage by citation, institute the full correspondence ‘tween you and LinkedIn regarding the APIs and supersedes all anterior agreements and understandings, whether scripted or viva, or whether accomplished by usance, exercise, insurance or precedent, with esteem to the message of these Damage.

14.5 No loose waivers, agreements or representations

Our loser to act with regard to a infract of these Footing by you or others does not foreswear our rightfulness to act with obedience thereto infract or subsequent like or early breaches. No representations, statements, consents, waivers or former acts or omissions by any LinkedIn Associate shall be deemed lawfully back on any LinkedIn Associate, unless authenticated in a forcible penning give gestural by a punctually decreed policeman of LinkedIn.

14.6 No Injunctive Embossment

In no result shall you try or be entitled to recission, injunctive or otc just easing, or to say or limit the surgery of the Developer Program or any APIs, Substance or former textile exploited or displayed done the LinkedIn developer program.

14.7 Beneficiaries

Entities otherwise LinkedIn Pot and LinkedIn Ireland, Modified, that LinkedIn Pot owns a 50% or greater sake in are not parties, but intended tertiary company beneficiaries of these Damage, with a compensate to impose these Footing straightaway against you.

14.8 Grant and Relegation

You may not portion or assign any rights or obligations below these Price, including in connexion with a variety of command. Any purported naming and deputation shall be inefficient. We may freely put or designate all rights and obligations below these Damage, amply or partly without posting to you. We may likewise backup, by way of one-sided novation, effectual upon placard to you, LinkedIn Pot for any tertiary company that assumes our rights and obligations below these Price.

14.9 Likely Otc Rights and Obligations

You may suffer rights or obligations nether local law differently those enumerated hither if you are placed out-of-door the Joined States.

14.10 How To Touch Us

If you bear questions or comments around these LinkedIn API Damage of Use, delight liaison us on-line or by strong-arm post at:

LinkedIn Tummy
Attn: API Damage of Use Issues
2029 Stierlin Courtyard
Heap Panorama, CA 94043

LinkedIn Ireland Express
Attn: API Price of Use Issues
Wilton Spot, Wilton Place
Dublin 2

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