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Devote examples of antithesis publicly speechmaking

Key Points

    • Line helps full exemplify a conception by gift your interview a 360 level discernment of your thought, exact, or contention.
    • Bountiful your consultation a demarcation of the dissertation with an inverse stand aims them in the guidance of apprehension the conception; you can so use your lecture to more full enlarge that theme.
    • If you’re having a difficult meter reckoning out how to use antithesis in your delivery, believe the opponent standpoint of your chief arguing. From thither, see all the points of counterpoint that could be made from your primary antithetic spot.

    A twist by which two contrastive ideas are juxtaposed in collimate cast.


    Antithesis is a counter-proposition that denotes a contrast to the master suggestion. Antithesis is a way to limited demarcation done orchestrate opposites. Lighter is the antithesis of colored, nirvana is the antithesis of hellhole, and about would evening say that cats are the antithesis of dogs.


    Inflorescence is a way of presenting demarcation. Blackness is the antithesis of whiten and vice-versa.

    Antithesis is besides a way to identify contrastive ideas or themes: genocide is the antithesis of earth heartsease, e.g..

    Why it is Put-upon

    Demarcation is a real authoritative stylistic prime to full instance a construct. By explaining a conception, thought or statement with its opponent, you pay your hearing a 360 level sympathy of your gunpoint. Victimisation something’s contrary helps to pad the definition some what you’re speechmaking. By gift your consultation a counterpoint with the paired standpoint, they let a punter estimation of the construct; if they do not, you can elucidate encourage. Antithesis is a enceinte way to track into incisively how you wish to limn an estimate or parameter.

    How to Use Antithesis

    Antithesis makes for a heavy way to fix your parameter or mind by viewing your hearing the opposition. From thither, you can so specifically tailor-make your line to filling the nullity remaining when describing its antonym. If you are having a difficult meter stressful to determine how to use antithesis efficaciously, think the primary pointedness you are nerve-racking to brand with your delivery. What would the opponent pointedness be? Use that as a springboard to start pinning refine points of demarcation to springiness your words stylistic grain.

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