RS Worldwide Limited specialises in the provision of comprehensive cleaning and hotel services to a wide range of customers operating in the UK Hospitality and Leisure Industry. The company places particular emphasis on quality, reliability, personal service and safety when delivering these services to it’s customers.

The policy of the RS Worldwide Limited Management is to provide its customers with goods and services which are fit for purpose in such a way that they not only conform but often exceed their agreed specifications and expectations.

Not only is this policy sound commercial practice, but it recognises that legislation covering fitness for purpose is changing and increasing and that more and more customers require suppliers to have proper quality systems.

Contract preparation, purchasing of materials and equipment and operational activities will be fully controlled and constantly monitored as part of our ongoing supplier review process. To adhere to this, RS Worldwide Limited will establish, introduce and maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System which embraces other management functions. The Company will ensure that management, supervisors and operative level personnel understand the company’s objectives through ongoing training and education of all personnel at all levels.

The company recognises that the quality of it’s goods and services and it’s reputation will rely substantially on the day to day performance and commitment of it’s personnel.

All documented Quality Assurance Procedures must be followed by all Company personnel. No deviations or alternative practices will be acceptable without the explicit prior authorisation from the undersigned. The Quality Management System of RS Worldwide Limited is based on the written requirements of ISO 9001.

RS Worldwide Limited is committed to the provision of high quality services to it’s clients. We fully recognise that a completely professional and caring approach is essential for the seamless delivery of such services.

We aim to recognised and acknowledged as a reputable employer at the forefront of human resource management in the contracted and integrated services markets. To achieve this objective we have determined a number of factors:

  • All employees are given ample opportunity to achieve their full potential through development and internal promotion. Internal candidates are sought for vacant posts before they are advertised externally. When recruiting new employees we aim to select the best qualified and experienced candidates for the vacant positions. To enable us to do this we use a number of sophisticated selection tools and in the case of management posts, psychometric testing and assessments.
  • New employees are given a comprehensive induction to enable them to settle into their new roles with RS Worldwide Limited as quickly and painlessly as possible. Achievement of quality standards can sometimes take longer in certain cases than in others and we therefore encourage new recruits to undergo extended on the job training. This process identifies any weaknesses and enable our trainers to address these needs often through one-to-one training. In this way, training becomes an ongoing experience and education for new employees.
  • In all aspects of their employment all employees are treated fairly and equitably, irrespective of gender, race, disability, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexuality, family responsibility, age or trade union representation or affiliation. This applies to many issues such as recruitment, promotion, training and development, day to day supervision, grievance, absence management and selection, where applicable, for redundancy.
  • RS Worldwide Limited are totally committed to absolute compliance with Employment Law as a foundation which demonstrates and underpins our professional and caring approach as a responsible employer.


Training and Development within our business is entirely business driven. We recognise that in order to provide the highest possible levels of service we must ensure that all employees are fully trained to perform the jobs for which whey have been recruited and to a standard acceptable to our customers.

Training and Development opportunities are available to all employees. The Training and Development opportunities available are determined exclusively by the changing needs of our customers and the sector of business in which they are employed or operate.

The following is our approach to training:

  • All new employees receive comprehensive induction and initial job training to ensure that they feel part of the RS Worldwide Team and achieve experienced worker standards as early as possible.
  • Training needs are identified and training planned in a methodical manner with the focus always related to continuing to improve customer and client service.
  • Training is designed to be practical and enjoyable and aims to help each employee to their jobs better.
  • Employees are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to enable them to reach their full potential within the organisation.
  • Training is an implicit part of management culture and managers are supported in the development of their training skills.
  • • RS Worldwide Limited constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our Training and Development programmes by measuring the resultant output in both behavioural and financial terms.
  • Our Human Resources Team provide support, guidance, advice and expertise to ensure that all RS Worldwide employees receive the best available training.


RS Worldwide Limited believes that resourcing and recruitment of suitably experienced and qualified personnel with a positive attitude to their work is fundamental to the provision of high quality integrated services and solutions.

When seeking to fill vacancies, our sole criteria is to appoint the best person for the job. We seek appointees who have the potential to grow within the company and who demonstrate an early willingness and commitment to outstanding customer service.

In all resourcing activities, we employ a policy of Equal Opportunities for all.

We seek internal candidates before advertising vacancies externally and are fully committed to succession planning and promotion from within. Irrespective of the source of candidates we use selection methods appropriate to the vacant post. These may include one or any combination of the following: Panel Interviews, Job Tests, Ability Tests, Personality Tests and assessment centres.

If awarded the contract for the provision of services for your organisation, we will operate and assume due responsibility by observing the conditions and codes governing the Transfer of Undertakings Regulations 1981 (as amended by the Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act, 1993).

Once appointed we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and seamless transition period.

All employees will be properly interviewed and those wishing to join RS Worldwide Limited will be offered employment on then same terms and conditions that they enjoyed at the commencement of the contract term. RS Worldwide Limited will then assume the responsibility for the management of the employees and any vacancies remaining will be filled in accordance with our internal resourcing policy.

Once appointed as your contractor, we will ensure that the Agreed Standards of Performance and costs are reviewed regularly. We will take action as appropriate to reduce costs and to contstantly ensure that you receive the best possible value for money.


RS Worldwide Limited recognises it’s responsibility as an expanding support services company in it’s role of protecting the environment, both for today and for the future.

We believe that liaison between our clients, suppliers and local site management forms the front line in developing practical environmental solutions that are in compliance with ever changing legislation.

Our focus is therefore on a pro-active policy to further promote a practical day-to-day commitment; in partnership with our clients needs and specifications. Some jobs and tasks have obvious potential to cause environmental impact. Incidents such as the spillage of chemicals, improper disposal of waste chemicals or other unnecessary emissions to water and the atmosphere must be prevented and reported immediately to the Line Manager as and when they occur. Practices, procedures and processes which do not minimise adverse effects on the environment must immediately be referred to Line Management in order that new initiatives can be investigated and introduced as soon as practicable.

All supervisory and management staff are constantly reminded of the environmental implications relating to the tasks for which they are responsible. Through regular training they ensure that all necessary equipment, procedures and working practices are in place and all appropriate training has been given to all staff.

RS Worldwide Limited is committed to working with companies that ensure their manufacturing processes observe good environmental practice. As a result we have allied ourselves with suppliers who support these endeavours.

Overall, RS Worldwide Limited believes that it is essential for the quality of life of future generations to protect and maintain the environment in any way we can. We recognise that we must constantly strive to do more to make a valid and significant long term contribution to the cause.

Commitment to Health & Safety is of paramount importance to RS Worldwide Limited, which strives to carry out it’s business in such a way as to avoid harm or injury to it’s employees, clients’ employees, and all others with whom we may directly or indirectly be involved or engaged.

Health & Safety shares equal status with other primary business objectives. We believe that safe working practices and due consideration of environmental impact and staff welfare are vital to overall efficiency and success of our business. It is the shared responsibility of each and every employee and consequently forms and integral part of the duties of all employees.

RS Worldwide Limited is committed to achieving the highest achievable standards of occupational health, safety and environmental protection and to completely absolutely with all statutory provisions.


  1. The continuous improvement of workplace safety
  2. To provide a safe and healthy working environment
  3. To eliminate the use of products and practices that are found have an adverse effect on people, equipment or the environment.


  1. To establish and maintain effective systems and plans for managing health, safety and welfare of all employees, in addition to the environmental impact of our operations to ensure that all risks are properly assessed and controlled.
  2. To establish and maintain clear written standards and procedures to control the risk to health, safety and the environment and to ensure adherence to these standards.
  3. To ensure that all company employees are competent and able to perform their tasks safely, through the provision of adequate training, information and supervision.
  4. To maintain and effective system of consultation with our clients and suppliers on health, safety and environmental issues.
  5. To ensure that all accidents are properly investigated and appropriate corrective steps and action is taken as needed.
  6. To promote an increased awareness of safety and a responsibility for the environment amongst all employees.
  7. To maintain an effective system of monitoring and reviewing health, safety and environmental performance.

Scope of this Statement

The Scope of this Statement includes a commitment to all safety, health and environmental legislation. It will be effectively communicated to every employee on commencement of their employment and at frequent intervals during that employment.

This policy extends not only to all employees on location or on company premises but to any person who may be affected by acts or omissions of RS Worldwide Limited or their employees at work. It will be reviewed as part of an ongoing process of Procedural Review to ensure that it complies with the changes in operational activities.